Peru Empire commits to donating on behalf of every traveler who has a travel itinerary

Peru Empire Co., as a company dedicated to the deep knowledge of Peru, is also aware of the needs that every indigenous inhabitant in the country has. In an effort to provide children from remote areas in Cusco with more opportunities, Peru Empire works hand in hand with AmantanĂ­ NGO, with the aim to financially support educational projects.


Peru Empire commits to donating on behalf of every traveler who has a travel itinerary.
Those passengers willing to directly help children in AmantanĂ­ shelters can do so by visiting establishments with a contribution. Thus, the passenger will not only help financially, but will witness the service that is being provided through this contribution.


AmantanĂ­ is a non-governmental non-profit organization working to help indigenous Quechua children in the region of Cusco in Peru. Its mission is to ensure access to primary and secondary education for children who have to walk up to 8 hours every day to get to their schools. AmantanĂ­ makes available a safe place to over sixty children, aged between 7 and 18, who stay at the nearest shelters to their schools during the week. This allows them to attend public schools. In the afternoon, the children take part in intercultural learning programs based on lessons of the modern curriculum and traditional Quechua culture. This enables building confidence, creativity and resilience to meet the challenges of growing up as an indigenous person in modern Peru.



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